The Importance of Web Design On Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by | November 05 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Web Design

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With internet marketing dominating the business world, websites are becoming the key to many modern success stories. A good website that has been correctly optimized AND has been designed with the user experience in mind is by far the best investment you can make in your online business.

Business today is totally different from business 5 years ago. That may sound a little cliché, but people can now ramp an idea into an online company overnight. That means more competitors, more content, more clutter and more confusion that you have to cut through to get to your customer base. With an infinite number of choices out there, how do you cut through the confusion? With clear and well placed marketing, of course.

Marketing sounds simple, but in fact, it is the most difficult aspect of any business. If 50% of what you are doing is working, consider yourself a raging success. Knowledge will get you a lot further in the marketing game, so it is great to read case studies and whitepapers to overcome the learning curve faster. No matter how much of a marketing guru you may or may not be, it all starts with the basics. You will always want to start with the following questions:

  • Who is your potential customer? (Your current market.)
  • Which type of customers you prefer to serve? (Your target customers.)
  • What are the needs of your target customers?
  • How are your competitors attracting them?
  • What are 3 possible strategies you could follow to attract and retain your customers?
  • What pricing techniques and promotional methods will grow your business?
  • How do you present yourself positively in the marketplace?

Above all – get out there and make some noise! A Japanese proverb rightly states that, “A crying baby grows fast.” This perfectly applies to marketing a business. If you want your business to be fed, draw a lot of attention.

The Significance of Web Design in Marketing: Many firms spend a lot of money promoting their businesses, but don’t necessarily consider what they are driving their potential customers to. If you can’t see what needs to be improved on your website, find some brutally honest friends. Do not ask anybody on your payroll, and do not ask anybody who does not sell through a website themselves. Remember, there is always something that can be improved. The next several points are items you will want to include in most any website layout.

1. Your Homepage is a Snapshot of Your Business: Your website speaks for you and your business . It is your first and only impression, helping them decide whether to buy your product or service. First impression are lasting impressions especially in web marketing. Researches say that the first 30 seconds spent by a customer on your website acts a factor in buying decisions. So, design a website that is perfect and thematically suited to your business.

2. Web Design With SEO in Mind: When a user looks for a product or service on the internet, he or she prefers companies that are listed in the top rankings of popular search engines. In fact, nearly 96% of the click through action occurs on the first page with Google users. Optimizing your website for search engines is the number one thing you should do to get traffic via the internet long term. Web design plays a phenomenal role in website optimization. Everything, right from the outlook, layout, theme, navigability, and load time of the site matters in search engine optimization.

3. Online Ads/Landing Pages: Sales from newspaper and yellow page ads are shrinking by the second, because more often than not, your clients have all moved online. The good news is that many of your competitors are making the transition from tangible to electronic media far too slowly. The bad news is that your best competitors are already advertising online successfully. When you advertise through the internet, you need to direct your visitor to a landing page. Why not just send them directly to your homepage? To put it simply, a homepage is too general, and is not what buyers are looking for. A landing page should contain all the content specifically mentioned in your ads, and lead the visitor to make the actual purchase decision. The design of the landing page is very crucial here. It should hook your visitor, get them excited, and make them act!

4. Make Sure Your Website is Bug-Free: We have all been there. You go to make a purchase or click on a link to learn more and…nothing. The browser stalls or you get an error message. Game over. Smooth ordering processes result in high conversion, plain and simple. This is mostly because of ill-planned website design or a lack of testing across multiple browsers. Make it secure and authentic in order to avoid problems as well. Today’s web buyer is much more sophisticated than they were a few years ago, and watch for secure environments. Take away the speed bumps. Eradicate any guesswork from your ordering process.

5. Make the user feel at ease: Important. Just as a good marketing person needs to feel his/her customer at ease, your website should also create a user friendly atmosphere to your user. Let your web design be impressive, appealing and easily navigable. The web designer ought to design your website in such a way to create a trouble free environment for you and your customer.

6. Update Regularly: When you design a site, think about what information you would like to be more dynamic. Dynamic content means it will change frequently, whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly. You must keep your website information fresh. It will not only keep search engines interested, but it will also keep your customers coming back. Updating content can be blog posts, featured products, or you can even automate it with RSS feeds or rotating information.

7. Set Goals for Your Website: Success online does not “just happen.” You must be deliberate. Write down how many visitors you would like to see by a certain date. List out the conversion rate you would like to see from visitors to sales. You will have to adjust your expectations after you get a few months of traffic under your belt, but at least you will know how many more visitors you need to drive to your website in order to hit your conversion goals. It is exhilarating when you hit major milestones. It is even more fun when you experiment with the process, and increase your conversions from the same amount of traffic. You might easily exceed your own goals and have to come up with new ones. It is a great problem to have.

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