How to Use Twitter for Business Purposes

Posted by | December 23 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Social Media

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Social media is the biggest thing to happen to business since TV commercials. But unlike advertising, it connects a business directly with its customers, and allows for market feedback. Twitter is among the most popular of the social media channels currently available with 145 million users and counting.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is a real time two way communications platform that is available to virtually everyone, everywhere. Twitter enables a business to share information with stake holders, customers or even potential customers in a simple, direct manner. And since everyone who receives the Tweet is a follower, those whom the business is communicating with are a 24/7/365 real target audience. Similarly, those who Tweet to the business are those whose comments, ideas and opinions are what the business needs. The growth in Twitter use for business has been tremendous and the potential seems to be unlimited. This is why so many website designers in Portland, OR are adding social badges to all of their work.

How You Can Benefit from Twitter

The ways in which a business can use Twitter are many, and each industry will have its own priorities. Let’s consider a pet store as an example. You can use Twitter to communicate with your customers about the latest developments pet care. You could also warn them about pet diseases spreading in your area and the precautions they need to take. You can inform them about new pets available or new pet products. Tell them about discounts and sales. You have a tight focused group of people who are interested in what you have to say to them, and your valuable updates build a bond between you and the customer in a way that no other medium can. Customers can Tweet to you about questions and you can either offer advice or point them in the right direction. Even complaints about the pets or products you have sold are a good thing. You will get feedback directly from your customers and can respond to them in a manner that will reduce or eliminate their grievances. You can pass on this feedback to your suppliers and ask them to take corrective action.

Using Twitter for business is not limited to small businesses and stores. Even large organizations are finding that being able to engage with a large number of customers and stakeholders on a direct one-to-one basis allows for the building of a direct link between the business and the source of its income. If customers are given the addresses of specific company executives involved in different aspects of the business, they can communicate their ideas and concerns directly to that person, rather than using impersonal website Contact Us pages or corporate email addresses.

Twitter is a great marketing resource. A business can send out special discount codes to regular customers, tell them of new stock arrivals in different locations, offer advice on the care and maintenance of the products they buy and so on. And Tweets don’t have to be business related. Even a funny story or a one liner will be appreciated and keep the market constantly aware of the existence of the business. And that is the main aim of marketing.

The huge free-advertising potential of Twitter for business use has created a great deal of interest among Portland businesses who are looking at new Twitter related apps to make their overall marketing strategy far more effective.

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