Incorporating Social Media into Web Design

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Having a great website is not enough to promote your business. The important factor is how much traffic your website gets – that will determine the size of your potential market. Multiple landing pages, blogs and link exchanges have for a long time been the accepted ways of promoting a web presence and making sites more attractive to search engines. While all these still play an important role, using social media to drive traffic to websites is now a highly effective channel worth considering. The exposure that a Portland area business could achieve because of using this method is proof of its success. Incorporating social media into web design to maximize the potential is not a difficult task.

Facebook is the Starting Point

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. And it is a great place to start incorporating social media into your website. By linking your site to Facebook, the reach of your site increases exponentially. By placing an FB Share button on your site, you make it easy for With so many people having so many friends, a single click can give you exposure to hundreds, if not thousands of people. And since the link has come from someone they know, people are far more likely to look into it.

Another great Facebook option is the Fan Page widget. You may have seen other web designs in Portland, Oregon sporting this Fan Box. This allows people who like your site to say so on Facebook without leaving your website.


Twitter is much more than just a place to keep in touch with friends or follow celebrities. Once you build up a sizable number of followers, you have a very focused target market to address. One way to do this is to show your latest Tweets on your site and invite people to follow you.

The TweetMeMe button is becoming very popular with web designers in Portland. It makes it easy for those who are interested in your website to use Twitter to tell their friends by just clicking one button on your site. Use it for different pages and articles on your site and the facility of being able to know how often the button has been used will tell you about the relative popularity of the pages and articles. This makes fine tuning the site easier and more effective.


LinkedIn is always been the best place for finding new and managing business contacts. Incorporating your company’s profile in LinkedIn has the possibility of converting visitors to customers.

Digg and others

Information sharing sites like Digg are extremely popular with those searching for information. By placing a Digg button on your website, you make it easy for those who like your content to send it to Digg. It will then be accessible to those who go to searching for information they need. The more people hit the button and send the content to Digg, the more popular it is shown to be. A website that has been “Dugg” a large number of times will have more people visiting it.

Google Buzz

Google’s huge reach is well known and Buzz is their attempt to enter the world of social media. It is integrated into a person’s Gmail Inbox so it’s right there in front of them each time they access their mail which makes it tempting to click on the link to see what’s new. All you need to do is contact Google, register and place the button on your site. It works just like FBShare and TweetMeMe.

Don’t overdo it

These are just some of the options available for incorporating social media into your website. Just be careful not to overdo it or you could end up with a site that to the viewer seems to be full of links and little content. The principle that Portland website developers have followed with success is to ensure that the content is of interest to viewers and then think of the social linkages. No one will want to tell others about a website that does not contain interesting content, in a well written form and presented in a manner that grabs eyeballs.

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