The Best Ways to Add Fans to Facebook, Twitter and Ultimately Your Website

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Social media marketing is now an integral part of business promotion. Search Engine Optimization is no longer enough to drive traffic to a website. Social media channels offer an excellent way to create interest and increase the hits your site gets. But first of all you need to get fans to follow you on these social sites. There are some things you can do to increase your popularity.


Here are ten things you can do to increase you fan base on Facebook. They are not listed in any particular order of importance.

1. Put your Facebook fan page on your business card, letterheads, advertising print media etc.

2. Make use of Facebook’s own social ad options. The more you advertise your fan page, the more people who will check it out.

3. Hold a contest where people must become fans to enter and have a chance of winning a prize.

4. Make use of the widgets Facebook offers. Placing the widgets in your website and blogs will create a cycle of traffic from site to fan page to site and so on.

5. Use the Suggest To All Friends option to request all your friends to join you.

6. Use your email contact list to invite people to your fan page. Be polite and request them to spare a few minutes to visit you and like your page.

7. Exchange links with other blogs and websites so that both parties gain from the increased exposure.

8. Include your Facebook page link in your email signature. This will keep it in front of all those you correspond with.

9. Interact and build bonds with fans by responding to their questions, asking for their opinions and allowing them to do fun things like tag photos.

10. Mention your website directly on your Facebook page and tell people what they can expect to find there.


And the ten things you can do on Twitter are:

1. Follow others with the same interests –especially those with large followings which will get you the most exposure.

2. Put links to your twitter profile on you website, blogs, email signatures etc. This will drive traffic to your profile from where much of it will bounce back to your website.

3. Look for leaders in your industry and follow and tweet them regularly. This will create awareness of you among business leaders who may want to learn more by going to your site.

4. Be online at the peak tweeting hours – when most people are online is around lunch time and in the evenings. Tweeting at these times will give you the maximum visibility.

5. Give special attention to responding to those of your followers whom you think are the most influential and build bonds with them.

6. Make your tweets interesting. Providing readable updates is the best way to keep followers.

7. Be helpful. If you come across tweets with questions you can answer or problems you can advise one, respond. It will be appreciated.

8. Many of your followers are going to drop out – it always happens. Purge your follower list regularly to keep it manageable.

9. Use Twitter Search to find users using a keyword relevant to you and follow them.

10. Never be pushy in promoting yourself. No matter how interesting your tweets are, no one likes an arrogant tweeter.

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