Website for Clothing Companies: Knowing the Basics

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The internet is the biggest marketplace the world has ever seen and there is nothing that cannot be bought or sold on the web. Of course, it is more appropriate for some businesses than for others. If you have a house for sale, you can create interest in it on the web, but closing the deal without a physical inspection by the customer is next to impossible. But the internet is ideal for a clothing business – customers can see the products, learn about the fabrics, sizes and color options, and place an order and wait for delivery. If you want to start a website for your clothing company, the basics are simple enough.

Choose a Domain Name

Select a domain name that is identical or at least very close to your clothing brand. However, keep in mind that the domain name should be easy to type and as short as possible. There are a number of domain name extensions available – .net, .biz, .info etc. If possible go in for .com as it is the most common and everyone almost automatically types it. Contact a domain name registrar and have your domain name registered.

Determine Your Focus

A website is a tool to drive sales and produce income. But there are various ways it can be used. Do you want to use it to publicize your retail location and supplement the sales from there? Or do you want to sell only online and reap the benefit of keeping your overhead low by not having to maintain a retail outlet? Do you want to use it to introduce a new clothing line that you are not in a position to offer from your retail outlet? Determine how the site will be used and tailor the presentation to that end.

Know Your Market

Focus on your target market. For example, if you are selling XXL sized clothing, use wording that will make it seem that being this size is nothing out of the ordinary. Give details of the various large sizes, styles and options you have to make it seem that the site is the ideal place for large sized people to shop. Use Google AdWords to find the best keywords to use so that when large sized people are searching for clothes, your site comes up high in the results.

Plan Your Website Design

A clothing website will require a large number of pictures of the clothes and descriptions. The page layout must be clear and eye catching. It must be well organized so that people can find the items that they are looking for quickly. This means having different pages for different items. You will need ecommerce tools for accepting payment. Provide details of your shipping set up, warranties and also your refund policy. Have a Contact Us page so that customers can get in touch with you to answer any questions that they may have. Having a link to a blog where you can provide the latest news is a good idea. If you are using social media to promote your business, give links to those sites.

Choose the Right Hosting Plan

Do not go in for free or cheap hosting. Yours is an ecommerce site and you need features like multiple email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, shopping carts and a secure server for accepting credit card payments and so on. Having an easy to use control panel will enable you to modify the site yourself, editing details of sales and discounts as and when required is very useful. Look for reliability and guaranteed uptime. Your site not being available when a customer is in the mood to buy is business lost. A good host will guarantee 99% plus uptime.

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