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In the world of web designing, lot of innovations take place every day. The arrival of HTML 5 packed with so much good stuff has caused quite a stir among developers. HTML 5 is the latest revision of HTML standard and it targets on improving the language with multimedia support and easily readable by humans at the same time understood by computers and devices. HTML 5 has a good future and has already become the most influential program that has entered the web. Some of the major advantages of this program are listed below.

Highly Interactive

Developers consider this one of the biggest advantage when it comes to HTML 5. Web Developers these days are concentrating more on creating application with fluid animations play music and connect it with social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of the time creating these things got complicated when add-on tools such as Flex, Flash or Silverlight were used. These techniques added to the complexity and consumed a lot of time. But with HTML 5 this is not the case. HTML5 provides an alternate solution for this with DOM and HTML for high-quality drawings, video and audio embedding, charts and animation. Now the developer can forget about the plug-ins and third party programs. In addition to this using HTML 5, designers will be able to take full advantage of a canvas element for 2D drawing, document editing and drag and drop, microdata, browser history management, cross document messaging and offline web applications.

Improved and Neater code

Developers will be able to use a clean code system by reducing a lot of java script codes and replacing most of the div tags with new structural elements.

Good Stability

As web pages embrace HTML5, developers notice greater consistency in HTML that is used to code a web page on one site when compared with the other. Hence it is easy to comprehend the structure of a particular webpage. This actually makes a web designers’ job a lot easier.


The new HTML5 geolocation APIs make location, regardless of whether created via GPS or other alternate methods is readily available to any HTML5-compatible browser-based application directly. For example, the Google Latitude for the iPhone. This application is 100% web App and depend on one particular platform.

Smarter Forms

HTML5 offers highly improved forms with development in text inputs, search boxes and other fields and offers the developer better controls for focusing, validating data and communication with other page elements on the page and various other improvements.

Offline HTTP Cache

To make sure the applications are available even when the user is disconnected an offline application HTTP cache can be used. Each and every browser has a cache but they can’t be counted on for presenting all the pages and applications. Chances are the browser would not cache the page properly and so you will not be able to view the page when you disconnect from the Internet. HTML5 provides an excellent solution for this issue by permitting a developer to specify the files that the browser should cache while online. So, even if the page from the cache is reloaded when the user is offline, the whole page will still load correctly.

HTML5 also offers a SQL-based database API that can be used for storing data on the client side so that they get to access fully structured and defined database storage. It is a temporary database which can be used to support the web application and allows a developer to save structured data locally using a real SQL database. HTML5 is basically created to make it simpler to build wikis, real-time chat, search front-ends, drag-and-drop tools, discussion boards and many modern day requirements for a site. With its improved accessibility and semantics it presents the users with more features which are efficient and easy to use.

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