Web Design for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Posted by | June 30 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

Even people running small businesses or start-up companies want to have an effective online presence. They look for an impressive, effective and successful website to raise their profile above their competitors. They like to do it in an affordable cost, without compromising on quality. These are some insider’s views about creating a website for small businesses and start-ups.

Quality: There is one famous Chinese saying, “Cheat me in price, but not in the quality of the product I am buying”. You should make your clients understand that if they compromise their website, then they may have to compromise with their business popularity. So the quality of the website has to be good in all aspects, ranging from the site map to a seemingly simple feature like font size.

Usability: Now there are 5 major Internet browsers ranging between 3% and 40% in market share. The website you design, must work well on all browsers. You may have designed a marvelous website to promote a small business or a start-up. But if the website doesn’t work, then there is a problem.

Be Unique: There is a lot of competition among small businesses. Make sure that you create a unique web design. You can copy anyone’s design and use it as your own. But that is not a professional attitude. The site is basically, to provide information about a product or services of a company. Hence, it should be easy to use and to navigate because visitors won’t enjoy spending a lot of time learning about the functionality of the site.

Information and Purpose: Every business website should have a goal and every page on the website should have a purpose. It can be extremely frustrating for the visitors, if they can’t find the information they want. If it is a website for a restaurant, it should have things like menu, directions or pictures of the cuisine.

Provide Contact Info: People lose by missing out on opportunities to interact with their clients. Provide as much contact information as possible on the website, you design. It is important to have an email address associated with the website. If your client is unaware of its importance, please make him understand the need. Take time to create an email account with the website, if you can.

Creating Forms: For a small business or a start-up, people like to gather as much information about the visitors as possible, but there should be a delicate balance between asking for too much information and too little. Most people don’t want to share information about themselves or like to spend a lot of time filling out a long form. So, the forms should be constructed well to achieve their goal.

These are some general guidelines that can help you, while designing a new website for a small business or a start-up. But there is no set of perfect rules for web designing. It depends on the budget, target audience and business.

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