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Posted by | August 24 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

Guest Author: Lucas Beechinor, Founder and CEO of SpireHouse Publishing

I have worked in the publishing industry for a while now, and in that time, e-books have exploded onto the publishing scene, promising a strange new future that many publishers are still too cautious about exploring. Truthfully, their concerns are somewhat legitimate, but the possibilities offered by e-publishing far outweigh those concerns. It is because of these possibilities that the inspiration for SpireHouse Publishing was born.

From the start, we knew the number of tools used for digital publishing were as limitless as we wanted them to be, and lucky for us, we discovered Forix not long into our search for an online home. The creative minds at Forix have helped us build a platform that provides e-books which are compatible with any device that has a screen. We also have the ability to offer free e-books that can be downloaded and read in just a couple of clicks. With our website, we can also offer customers the opportunity to purchase e-books when they aren’t even online, via a unique coupon system. With Forix’s expert guidance, we were able to fine-tune our plans and ended up with an e-publishing website which exceeded our expectations by a long-shot.

What was equally surprising was the number of creators who reached out to us as soon as the website went live. We are incredibly fortunate to be working with a handful of passionate, excited authors on some really amazing books, scheduled for release this fall and in the first quarter of 2012.

One of our missions at SpireHouse (aside from seeking to publish the greatest science fiction and fantasy stories in existence) is to give our creators as much control over their project as they want. When we sign a new author, not only are they entitled to far more generous royalties than they would receive from any print publisher, we also work closely with them to make sure we are marketing their book exactly like they want us to. We find that not only are our authors great writers, they are also natural-born marketers! The whole publishing process is pretty exciting to us, and we are even more excited about working with the awesome team at Forix, and our fantastic creators.

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