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Social News websites help users submit and share interesting news stories. Users can vote up or vote down the submitted news and its visibility is decided by these votes. Social News websites can take viral marketing to a new level with a good content. It can create a surge in traffic and improve your website’s visibility. You can find a lot of social news websites on the internet such as Digg, Reddit and Mixx, that cover a wide range of topics.

Benefits of submitting stories to Reddit.com: To win with Social News sites like Reddit.com, you have to create strong, informative contents to submit. It will increase of your website’s search visibility. If users find your content valuable, it will drive thousands to your website. This traffic may not get converted into a sale or sign up, but making them visit your site itself is an achievement. The next time when these users need something related to your product, they might remember the great article you shared.

Things to avoid: Social News websites have their own communities, own unwritten language and rules that users must follow. You must learn some techniques before submitting their content to Social News websites. Don’t try to market directly. If you offer nothing but a sales page, you won’t get any success and the tech-savvy users in the community will publicize your attempts and hinder any benefit you hoped to get. If you use Social News websites, to do nothing but sell, it will end up in hurting your company’s name.

Targeted online ads: Advertising in social news websites is one of the most profitable ways to promote your business. But you should know how to use these ads in an effective way. Nowadays, internet users have become intelligent to avoid ads, so advertisers have to justify media placement. Some of the social media sites are searching for a creative way to integrate these ads. They think targeted ads can attract the users attention and engage them with it.

Facebook Ads: Facebook is a great tool for targeted ads. If you would like to target only men, 20-30 years old, with a college education, who live in Paradise, California, then you can do that. At the same time, people use Facebook to chat with their friends and they are not in a search of a product or a service when they log into their account. This is where search engines have a better advantage over the social networking sites.

Reddit ads in a particular city: “Going local” is one of the important aspects of marketing for entrepreneurs. It is very handy, especially for small businesses. You can use local city-specific web sites and local portals for this. Local versions of major portals like Reddit.com can also help you gain popularity. Reddit gives excellent value on a cost per click basis. However, the audience on Reddit is significantly smaller than other media.

Advertising is the key way for social news sites to make money. As these sites mature, one can expect their audience size to exceed traditional media.

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