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We have all heard about emergency planning and we all know we should have an emergency kit with food, water, medicines and other additional items to sustain us until help arrives or the emergency is averted. But, I have discovered there is another step in emergency planning which should really be the first step, family emergency planning. So you ask, what’s the difference? There are thousands of people every day finding out the hard way. You see, if something bad should happen to a family member, say an accident or illness, causing hospitalization and the hospital calls you wanting pertinent information, are you prepared?

I think the answer for a lot of people would be somewhere between, no and I’m not sure. So let’s run through a simple scenario to find out what we don’t know and then look at a possible solution.

Let’s say that you received a call from the hospital saying that one or both of your parents was in a serious accident. Do you know what medications they are currently taking and what dosage those medicines are? Do you know if they have allergies to medicines? Do you know if they have a condition that would be deadly if a surgery was performed? Do you know what insurance coverage they have and by what provider? If you were away from home when you received that call, how long would it take you to obtain that information?

Do I have your attention now? The reality is that many and maybe most people are not as prepared for this as they should be. This situation is even worse if that parent lives in a different part of the country than you. There has been very little information or direction on how to best prepare for this, until now.

There is a new website called offering not only good information, but they have created one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” tools to not only help you prepare, but to take this notion into the current century! The ClanGistics Planning System™ is a safe and secure cloud based file that you can enter all of the emergency information in for each person in your family. With their system, you can access a family members emergency information from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection in seconds. And not just medical information, they have it set up for insurance, financial, legal and family contact information.

They also show a compelling reason for those who live in disaster prone areas to utilize their tool. How many times have we seen the news after a disaster where a person is saying “We lost everything” or “We have no idea when they will let us back to our home” Well, if they had something like this ClanGistics tool, they could at least get ahold of everyone they need to. Just think how valuable something like this would have been during Katrina, or any number of tornado seasons, or for the people of Japan. Knowing that if you lost everything, you would still have all of your critical contact information to start putting your life back together is priceless.

I can think of several other instances where something like this would be a must have item. Like, people who travel, people with family members in another country, anyone with a deployed service person to name a few.

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