When Should I Enter the Mobile App Market?

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At a talk I gave recently, I was asked an interesting question during Q&A. I was asked how a small to medium sized company is supposed to know when to enter the mobile app market and how they are supposed to compete with Fortune 500 companies with near unlimited budgets. I responded that, unless you have a near unlimited budget, don’t worry about it.

The reason that some apps are so expensive is because a company is trying to do something cutting edge with it, and quite frankly, cutting edge is expensive. It isn’t just expensive to build, but expensive to research. Let the big companies make the mistakes, study what they came up with and emulate – just use common sense, note good ideas you find, and apply them to your company.


iPad for Business Seminar – David Van Veen from Forix Web Design.

As far as when you should enter the mobile app market, it’s always a question of ROI. Apps are not cheap, but one way that I have seen a lot of companies enter the app space – especially the medium size companies – has been through what I call “workflow” apps. Now, these are usually intranet apps – apps that are used internally by the company, not for marketing and other external purposes.

Intranet apps typically improve efficiency in some manner, taking pen and paper in to a digital format, allowing employees to do something in the field or on location that they used to require a desk for. The benefits to an app like this are easily identifiable, and the benefits can gain internal approval a lot easier, as opposed to an external app that is typically used for marketing.

An external app, while being a great way to gather new business, is often more difficult to understand and gauge the ROI – especially before launching. You never know what kind of adoption you will get until you actually launch. What I tell clients that are looking to do this type of app is to worry less about the adoption, which you don’t have as much control over, and more about making sure that those that do download your app have a meaningful experience.

Your company must be able to capture and convert these potential customers – use push, give deals, make purchasing easier, etc. Now you are working with something that you can control, and this experience is something that Forix can really help you cultivate.
David Van Veen | Senior Project Manager

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