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TedxConcordiaUPortland is known for their powerful, influential events and speakers. These insightful individuals carry some of the brightest, unique ideas that are aimed to be known, and to improve the people and environment around them. As huge fans of the Tedx organization, and what they offer our community, Forix and Pop Art wanted to collaborate to give back by designing and developing an entirely new website, pro bono. With such a unique opportunity, everyone was eager to get going.

Pop Art took the reigns with design, visualizing a contemporary look that would get visitors excited for upcoming events and motivated to join the community. The TedxConcordiaUPortland site starts with a large visual, boasting highlights from past events, but the website only gets better from there. With such an amazing reputation, and a design that sets theirs apart from other cities, this website called for innovative features while keeping the respected Ted ambiance. Forix utilized “Shadowbox”, which promotes faster video loads on the same page instead of opening an entirely new window. With the “Shadowbox” feature, visitors can watch and listen to a highlighted speaker and browse the rest of the webpage without ever leaving it.

Forix constructed custom-built modules for showcased speakers, giving complete backend control of the “Featured” and “New” sections. With this module, Tedx can manipulate which speakers to highlight, where to put them and how long they want them there for. This way, Tedx followers can always stay up to date on intriguing ideas that are being shared locally.

With such a great turnout, Forix is ecstatic about this collaboration with Pop Art and TedxConcordiaUPortland. David Van Veen of Forix stated “One of the reasons we do these projects is to stay local; it helps build the community.” “And its fun. That’s the bottom line” Noah Oken-Berg of Forix added. Want to see more? Visit TedxConcordiaUPortland to see upcoming events, view past events, and learn about groundbreaking ideas.

Check out TedxConcordiaUPortland’s blog about working with Forix.

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