The Emergency Response Guidebook

Posted by | December 11 | E-Commerce Websites

The Emergency Response Guidebook to was created by LabelMaster to be the number one resource for information involving dangerous goods and materials. It outlines steps to handle hundreds of hazardous materials, as well as providing critical information on each material. Forix was excited to partner with LabelMaster and bring an updated look to the ERG. What better way than mobile?


Forix developed an innovative app for the 2012 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook, bringing two unique ways to access the guide, through an iPhone and iPad. The entire guidebook is completely stored in the app upon download, excluding the need for internet connection, and making the ERG extremely assessable by anyone, in any place, at any time.

Forix simplified the searching process by giving the ERG several searching options. Materials can be filtered through with the use of ID numbers, material names, and guide numbers. A collection of placards was also integrated for browsing and visual identification. Once you have selected your identified hazardous material, all vital information is displayed on one simple table. With high quality visuals, and an emergency contact system, each material can be identified and handled quickly as you wait for further assistance.


The Emergency Response Guidebook was created as the go-to guide for dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Hazmat shippers, EMT volunteers, firefighters and more have utilized this book, and with the updated, mobile version, it is even easier to use. Visit the Apple app store to download your copy of the mobile Emergency Response Guidebook!

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