iCee Better – Changing the Way We Read on the Go.

Posted by | June 23 | E-Commerce Websites

We all have problems with it; straining our eyes trying to read something while browsing online on your mobile phone, or tablet. But now, there is a solution! With iCee Better, you can enhance your reading experience, eliminate eyestrain, and improve comprehension. Here is how:

iCee Better allows you to import books, email attachments, and other online documents and manipulate it to your reading perfection.

-Change background colors
-Choose font style, size and color
-Save custom preferences for reuse

Whether you are reading your favorite blog, keeping up with your local news, or analyzing important documents, iCee Better is guaranteed to improve your reading skills in several areas.

Forix was extremely excited about taking the idea of iCee Better, and creating an app that was very user friendly. (After all, we wanted to make reading easier for mobile users, not harder!) This custom Android and iOS app includes simple controls and seamless integration with multiple sources for easy importing. You’ll love reading, and seeing your documents in an entirely new way!

Improve your skills, and make your reading more comfortable!

Download iCee Better for Android, and for iPad!

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