Fixed vs. Fluid vs. Elastic Websites – Which is right for you?

Posted by | October 14 | Web Design

When designing a website, choosing a layout style can be difficult. Visitors to your website will have different screen resolutions, browsers, operating systems, and other variables that influence the way your website appears on their screen. Web designers can choose between three types of layouts: fixed, fluid, and elastic. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each style!

Fixed Layouts

In a fixed layout, the entire width of the webpage has a set numerical value, meaning that all visitors see the same width. Fixed layouts are beneficial because they are easier for the designer to customize and control. They allow you to ensure that the elements within your webpage appear properly to the user. However, fixed layouts can lead to excessive white space, horizontal scrolling, and general poor usability.

Fluid Layouts

In a fluid layout, the webpage adjusts to the user’s browser and screen resolution by using percentage widths for each element. Fluid layouts are very user-friendly. On the other hand, fluid layouts give the designer very little control over what individual visitors see, and they may miss potential problems. Elements that require a set width, such as videos, will need to have a range of widths for different resolutions.

Elastic Layouts

An elastic layout is essentially a hybrid of fixed and fluid. This style sizes elements with something called an em, which is a measurement unit that changes according to the text-size that the user has set. Elastic layouts are very user friendly, and they bring the good elements of the other two options. Elastic layouts are however more complex, and take more time to create.

Even by just touching on the major differences of fixed, fluid and elastic websites, you can determine the benefits and the drawbacks of each. So, which style website is right for you? Call Forix today and we’ll help you decide.

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