How To Make Your Informational Website More Exciting

Posted by | January 06 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

When it comes to informational websites, the word “exciting” may not be the first that comes to mind. However, there are many ways that you can liven up your informational website and make it more exciting for visitors. With these four tips, you can ensure that your informational website captures the attention of potential customers.

1. Use Interactive Elements

One of the simplest ways to really liven up a dull website is to add interactive elements. This can range from a simple photo gallery to video content or a poll that draws user participation. Interactive elements will engage users and make them more excited about visiting your informational website.

2. Provide Creative Content

An exciting informational website provides not just good content, but also creative content. Even if you are marketing to a specific niche, you should still include a wide variety of content that will appeal to your audience and pique their interest.

3. Show Your Personality

The personality of your brand should still shine through on an informational website. One great way to show your personality is to create a quirky people page; for example, companies have livened up this page by posting professional photos of their staff that, when hovered over, change to pictures with silly faces or cartoonish overlays.

4. Add Fun in Unexpected Places

If you want to surprise visitors, get creative in unexpected places on your website. For instance, liven up your 404 error page with a funny image and caption that will make users smile. Be sure to include helpful links to pages that the user may have been searching for.

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