Should You Be Thinking About Retina Support For Your Website?

Posted by | January 28 | E-Commerce Websites, Web Design

While you may have heard of Retina display, you probably only associate it with Apple products. While Retina is currently only available for certain high-end devices, it is likely that Retina display will become much more widely used in the near future. Because of this potential shift, it is important for you to start thinking about providing support for Retina displays within your website.


What is Retina Display?

Currently, Retina refers to the Apple brand name for their high-density displays, which are available on Macbook Pros, iPads, and iPhones. While Apple has branded the term “Retina display,” many other companies are also beginning to produce similar high-density displays for various devices. Essentially, Retina display has a very high resolution for sharper image quality.


Traditional Display vs Retina Display


Should I Consider Retina Support?

Although Retina is not particularly widely used now, it will eventually begin to expand to a wide range of devices. When that time comes, it will be important for your website to support Retina display so that your images appear crisp and sharp, improving the overall quality of your website. I personally bought in to the idea of Retina display early on, when Apple initially released the Macbook Pro w/ Retina. There were quite a few bugs, and often times, web pages would load inefficiently, or images would be warped. Since then, there have been a few updates that have made those issues a thing of the past. Retina display simply brings out brighter colors and sharper images. This gives you an opportunity to use graphics to draw in potential customers. This is especially useful if your products are heavily visual driven such as photography, digital services, or even high end food items.


Tips for Optimizing Your Website

If you are looking to optimize your website for Retina display, here are a few ways you can do so.

Retina Images: Retina Images is a solution that automatically serves high-resolution images to visitors who have Retina display.

Icon Fonts: Icon Fonts allow you to create icons with font rather than image files. This means you can easily scale and edit them.

CSS Sprites: Using a CSS Sprite enables you to create two sets of images for your site, one for Retina displays.

SVGs: With Scalable Vector Graphics, you can easily scale your images to any size and still have them appear sharp.



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