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Have you noticed how many articles are out there about Apple and the upcoming iPhone 6? While scrolling through my daily news streams, it seemed like I couldn’t get away from the name “Apple”. That being said, I decided to save you some time, and pull together the most interesting Apple news, with the most relevant information.


Apple’s iOS 7.1 Update

I’m sure we all got the same push notification late last night. iOS 7.1 Software Update! I almost forgot I initiated the update, but noticed a few differences. The Wall Street Journal did a good job explaining what exactly is new with this update. You can read the full article here, or read on to skim through a bullet point summary of the new features.

–       Stability & Bug Issues Resolved

–       iOS 7 Faster for iPhone 4 users

–       Improved Touch Recognition (iPhone 5s)

–       Design Changes: Colors, Contrast, Icons, etc

–       Bold Font Option on Keyboard

–       Getting Ready for CarPlay (Read About CarPlay here!)


iOS 8?

Of course with the iOS 7 update, there is a lot of speculation of what there is to come with iOS 8. There is a lot of focus towards an improved “Maps app”. With the initial transition being a bust, Apple is hoping to make the iOS 8 version much more successful by strengthening the data accuracy, adding public transit, and even augmented reality. Read’s article on iOS 8 Map improvements here.


Samsung Supplies iPhone 6 A8 Chip

They may be rivals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help each other out when it comes to phone power. A Samsung official apparently released that the company will be producing the A8 chip, which flaunts quad-core processing and graphics. This move could possible make the iPhone 6 the fastest mobile device to date (but would we expect anything less?). Read the full article from Yahoo news here.


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