PopFoam – Website Redesign Launch!

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PopFoam Redesign
PopFoam is an OEM manufacturing company, specializing in creating new products out of their revolutionary foam material. With benefits such as being lightweight, soft, and tough, their custom foam material has become a basis for an assortment of products. Although they have manufactured chairs, iPad cases, lifeguard gear, and much more, my personal favorite is the indestructible soccer ball. This unique soccer ball is used as the main tool of the One World Futbol Project. It gives children in third world countries an extremely durable, yet soft ball that will last them through thousands of soccer games. Check out the indestructible soccer ball, and the One World Futbol Project here!

With a goal of showcasing the company’s strengths, PopFoam’s redesign features a parallax designed background and interactive components to engage web visitors quickly. The new design is focused on attracting innovative thinkers to their new “Jumpstart Program”, a contest that gives winning inventors a chance to turn their ideas into something physical, with PopFoam covering the costs of prototype development!

Take a look at the PopFoam redesign, and their new Jumpstart program at www.popfoam.com

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