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Posted by | April 16 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Social Media

Lija combines contemporary fashion trends with reliable athletic apparel. With this concept in mind, Lija made a website redesign a priority. Forix revamped the entire Magento platform to create a new online store that would capture visitor attention, carry amazing user functionality, promote social media networking, and much, much more. Let’s go over a few of our favorite website elements.




Forix updated Lija’s visual aesthetics to promote a clear, fashionable appearance that sets Lija apart from their competitors. Interactive items are used throughout their online store to gain customer attention, and guide user interaction. To get web visitors shopping for items immediately, an assortment of new product lines such as yoga, lifestyle, and training apparel are introduced on the homepage. From there, customers can explore related items, or shop by category. Item pages include a “Complete The Look”, and “Shop The Look” feature that promotes complimenting items shown in model images. Why not buy the whole outfit?



The performance of Lija’s new website has been generously increased, and the customer experience is simply unmatched. Features such as product videos for every item, and seasonal “Lookbooks” allow users to get a better feel for their purchase. Here is a snapshot of the Spring 2014 Lookbook.


Lija’s Lookbook gives customers the comfortable browsing experience you get from a mail-in catalog. The difference? When you see an item that you want to buy, you can simply click on it, add it to your cart, and continue browsing!


User Experience and Digital Strategy:

Here at Forix, we dedicate extra time towards our digital strategy, and user experience enhancements. These components are incredibly important when it comes to website design, and can often be the favorable factor between you and your competitors. For Lija, we integrated a social hub. Maybe your customer has a birthday or special event coming up. The social hub allows shoppers to share items to their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or through email.




To create international acceptance, payment options such as Pounds, and CAD are accepted in the new Lija website. This opens up Lija’s target market to shoppers all over the world, overcomes any barriers, and is set to consistently grow. Why not expand your market and sell more?


Much, much more!

There are plenty of features that weren’t touched on in this article. We would love to share a few more with you! If you’re interested, get in contact with a Forix representative today.



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