Push Notifications – How Push Can Drive In Higher Sales

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How Push Drives In Customers Fast

Picture this. You walk into Safeco Field to watch the Seattle Mariners play their first game of the season. When you cross through the gate, you instantly receive a message on your phone from the Mariners. “Welcome! To celebrate the home opener, we are offering $2 beers and 50% off hot dogs at The ‘Pen!” Where will you go when you start getting hungry? The ‘Pen! Push notifications, or push messages, are an amazing tool to have. They engage a potential customer in real time, soliciting a desired reaction quickly. The example above also incorporated geofencing, or a virtual boundary that would initiate the push message to the user once they were in range.



Why Do Push Notifications Work?

People Like Them – Push notifications are different than email or text messages, and have been proven to create better reactions, and more of them. 47% of mobile consumers actually want retailers to send these messages while they are in, or near a store they are interested in.

They Are Effective – Although they may offer the same discounts, emails and text messages do not specifically solicit an immediate transaction, and do not give users instant gratification that rich media would, such as viewing videos, or being able to quickly reserve a table at their favorite restaurant. If you received an email at home when you purchased your tickets with the same offer, chances are that you will forget by the time you get to the stadium, or you won’t print out the coupon at all. Push notifications are right there, right when the customer needs it most.

The Right Place, at The Right Time-  Push notifications can be sent to a general audience, but location based notifications are often the most effective. In the context of our Mariners example, when you walk in to Safeco stadium, you enter the specified location where you can take action and make a purchase. By utilizing location based push notifications, the administrators behind Safeco field send the personalized offer right when you walk in. Again, it is all about reaching your customers at the right place, at the right time to generate sales.


More Ways Push Increases Sales

Event-Triggered Messaging – Research shows that 56% of abandoned carts were a result of a consumer not being ready to make a purchase at that moment. Reinvent the classic follow up email by sending a push notification to customers who have “abandoned” shopping carts, and redirect them to complete their order.

Promotional Marketing – Offer deals and promotions to your customers! Research shows that 43% of smartphone users don’t mind receiving in-app promotions once a week, and 54% of users don’t mind it once a month.


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