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Congratulations to our friends over at on their new website! As one of the more unique clients Forix has had an opportunity to work with, our challenge was developing a unique storefront for the artwork-laden flasks that would showcase the flasks and show the true passion behind the business. We chatted with Brad Copeland, the founder and creator of this unique store that sells hundreds of cool and unique hip flasks, to talk (flask) shop and the importance of e-commerce for businesses.

So Brad, why flasks?

I’ve heard this question a few times before… “Flask salesman” is certainly a unique way to earn a living! Joking aside, as a marketer, I’m drawn to products that tell a good story, and all our flasks do that—each product on has its own personality and something to say.

What is the goal of Flasking?

Personally speaking, it’s my goal to delight and entertain anyone who comes into contact with our products, website, and the worlds we create around them through social media. Operationally and strategically speaking, my goal is to turn into the place where people go to buy their first or next handcrafted, artist-made flask.

In your opinion, why is e-commerce important? How is it important for your business?

E-commerce allows us to reach a much larger audience—and do so more cost effectively—than if we were just a retail business with a physical storefront.

Where do you see your e-commerce business in five years?

It’s fun to think about the possibilities five/ten/etc. years from now, but my focus right now is where we need to be in a month, three months, for the holiday-buying season, etc. 5 years in Internet time is quite a ways away. That said, a few fronts that intrigue me include crowd-sourced designs and expanding into other complementary products beyond flasks.

What’s the story behind the video?

We did that with love. Yes, we put the plain silver flask on trial, but we didn’t condemn it to death. I actually have a soft spot for the traditional hip flask—it’s served us honorably over the years—but we’re also out to show that there are all sorts of fun & artistic possibilities when it comes to choosing a flask. The bottom line: get the flask you love; we’re happy if you’re happy!

If you could only have one flask for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

A bottomless one! Close second.

What’s in your flask?

Tequila, typically. And yours?

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