Magento vs Volusion: Choosing the Right E-Commerce Solution

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Have you noticed the abundance of Volusion ads the past few months? We have been getting more inquires about Volusion, and how it compares to Magento. So, why not do a comparison?  Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of  Volusion, and Magento. If you are new to e-commerce in general, take a look at my recent article on how e-commerce boosts small business here!


Volusion: Pros & Cons

Volusion is one of the most popular choices on the market because it is very easy to use and set up. They’ve portrayed this pretty well in their video ads. You can see one here. The company boasts an average of three times more sales than their nearest competitor, and they also offer 24/7 support. Volusion also has advanced security features, does not charge transaction fees, and offers free design templates and a personal Account Manager. You can also use Volusion to highlight featured products and integrate with Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Sounds great right?

On the downside, Volusion is not open-source, which means that it is less customizable. Volusion also does not have a free option, and its interface and templates are lacking in comparison to other options. If you are a startup business, Volusion might be a possible candidate. However, if you are anticipating growth in your online store (which you should), you might eventually outgrow the limitations of Volusion. Volusion is best suited to businesses that do not need or want as much control over their online store.


Magento: Pros & Cons

There is a reason why Magento is our favorite platform. Magento is an open-source platform that offers a wide range of extensions, allowing you to fully customize your store. Can’t find something? You can develop it, or have a developer create it for you. You also get more freedom when it comes to design. As I touched on in this article, every page is important! Aside from your website itself, Magento is known for more frequent updates, and it also offers a free version and many usage levels. It allows your business to be based on a powerful platform that is ready to grow as fast as you are willing to run.

Magento is one of the more complex systems. This means you can’t necessarily implement every design, feature, and integration without doing your homework. However, there are firms such as Forix, that specialize in Magento, and provide support in all areas. It may seem like an overload, but having a professional firm back your business is completely worth it. When it comes to Magento, it is a small investment towards huge return, and unlimited growth.


My Conclusion:

Volusion has its perks, and it is extremely easy to set up. If you are a small startup that isn’t anticipating much growth, go for it. However, as a business owner, you have to consider the future of your business and think ahead. Magento grants you the power to scale your business as you grow, and gives you the customization needed to stand out from your competitors. Coming from a developer, Magento is still our top choice of e-commerce!

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