Curing the Holiday Hangover: How to Apply Holiday Data to Your Email Campaigns

Posted by | January 01 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites


One of e-commerce hot topics to be discussed at our Portland Holiday E-Commerce Forum is how to cure the holiday hangover by navigating the peaks and valleys throughout the year. In 2013, email drove $50 billion in online transactions. It is often one of the primary drivers of revenue along with organic search and is a chance to constantly re-engage with past customers. By now your holiday email campaigns are most likely queued, promotions scheduled, and you will soon be gathering holiday gifts of your own – valuable customer data and insight into the success of your holiday marketing spree. How can you apply this valuable data to future email campaigns?

Segmenting your email-marketing lists helps you get better open and click through rates. By sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your emails more relevant—and relevant email campaigns get better results. But how can you segment your customers to deliver these focused email campaigns?


Segment Your Customers by Purchase Type

Rather than segmenting along demographic lines, segment customers by the types of items they often purchase and create up-sell opportunities using this data. For example, if you have an accessories shop and segment customers by purse customers, etc, you can up-sell matching wallets to the purses they have purchased.


Segment Your Win-back Campaigns by Customer Life-cycle Type

Winback campaigns are designed to get customers that haven’t made a purchase in a while to return as customers. Most e-retailers have a win-back email campaign that is time based. However, when customers have different shopping patterns, these same timed email may be too late to win the customer back. Segmenting customers by purchase frequency can be a great addition to your win-back campaigns and give your email interactions more depth with customers.


Segment Your Customers by Lifetime Value

Some customers spend more than other customers, that’s a no brainer. However, when marketing to these VIP customers, is the messaging the same as marketing to your bargain shoppers? Rewards and special promotions can keep these VIP customers happy, but most importantly, find out where these customers are coming from. Once you can pinpoint how these customers came to your site, you can increase your marketing through that channel.


Interested in learning more about key customer retention strategies? Register for the Portland Holiday E-Commerce Forum to learn more about Curing the Holiday Hangover: How to Level the Peaks and Valleys throughout the Year.

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