November 17, 2017 – The first of this month, when 10 Best Design released its annual list of the top WordPress Web developers, they named Forix in second place. The Portland-based firm has been launching websites for almost ten years and is a top WordPress web developer for companies like TedX and the U.S. Department of Energy.


Forix employs more than 100 experts for development teams that apply industry best practices to create WordPress websites that adapt to multiple platforms including the following services:


  • Customized WordPress theme expansion
  • Award-winning web designs that have received recognition from multiple agencies
  • Custom plugins and configurations
  • Responsive and Parallax designs
  • User-experience focused page elements


Top WordPress Developer Forix


WordPress is a widely used content management software choice for its ease of use and browser-based management. The experts at Forix know WordPress has clean code that makes it easy for search engines to identify site content. They design sites with search engine optimization in mind and use WordPress’ flexible options to customize for each client. 10 Best Design says, “Forix improves CMS and creates a modern, responsive design to drive more traffic and more revenue to your website than ever before.”


Forix uses WordPress to build websites that are scalable and often in combination with Magento eCommerce systems. Clients with thousands of content pages or regularly updated blogs can find enhanced CMS functionality with WordPress that may not be available natively in eCommerce focused systems such as Magento. As business grows, they don’t have to completely redesign sites to accommodate their need for additional functionality.


10 Best Design ranks companies based on a variety of both informal and quantifiable statistics. When evaluating companies for WordPress website design, they look for firms that partner with clients to structure pages that have high usability, promote user engagement and result in increased conversion rates. Evaluation is based on client and online research, customer reviews, site traffic and other ranking resources.