Clutch recently published an updated report highlighting the top 12 web design agencies in Portland including Forix.

Clutch is an independent B2B research firm that evaluates and ranks companies across over 50 markets to help business buyers find reliable partners for their IT or marketing needs.


“Forix has a small agency feel with the talent pool of a larger one.”

Forix Web Design is an eCommerce development agency based in Portland, Oregon. It is a Magento Enterprise Solutions partner with a team that includes over 60 Magento 2 certified experts.

For mid-market companies looking for aggressive online revenue growth, Forix is a strategic eCommerce partner for both the planning, design and building of digital shopping experiences, as well as for the strategic planning necessary to drive dramatic growth in rapidly changing digital landscapes.

Contact us toll free at 800-818-2361 for more details.

In the official report, Clutch Senior Analyst Eleonora Israele said:

“A company website is the best resource a business has to build up their online presence and reputation. The highlighted companies have proven their ability to design websites based on their clients’ brand and business objectives.”

To create this report, Clutch analysts took into dozens of web design agencies in the Portland area and examined them based on company experience, industry recognition, market presence and technical expertise and certifications.

The most important aspect of their research process involved interviewing 15 of our clients to get their feedback on our work.

These praises and recognition could not be possible without a hard-working team of web design and development experts.

We’re proud of our team for this accomplishment and want to thank our clients for their kind words.