November 10, 2017 – 10 Best Design recently released its rankings for the best agencies in responsive website development. They named Forix second in the category of Best Responsive Web Design.


Responsive web design is an area of website development that creates an adaptive framework. When users view a website on a desktop device and later switch to a mobile device, responsive web design makes both experiences have the same look and feel. Designers use flexible grids and images that resize based on format so layouts automatically adjust.

 Forix Top Responsive Web Design Firm 

Major providers like Apple and Samsung regularly release new versions of their mobile devices. Responsive web design creates websites that do not need to be redesigned every time a new technology makes its debut. Responsive web design adjusts with varying screen resolutions and modifies itself when the user changes screen orientation.


Forix provides platforms that enable interactive websites. 10 Best Design says of the agency,

“A fluid platform is one of the most important aspects of having an interactive website … Forix Web Design is the type of company that can help you in various ways with what your website can do.”


One example of how Forix provided responsive web design is apparent in their work for client Dakine. The outdoor apparel and equipment company started with a problematic eCommerce site that wasn’t optimized for mobile. Forix evaluated their system and created a CMS and updated the site with responsive design for improved mobile performance. The changes increased retail revenue by six times, doubled mobile revenue and caused unique purchases to nearly triple.

 Dakine Responsive Web Design

10 Best Design is a California-based company that examines both front- and back-end programming along with customer support to rank web design companies. They use a wide range of statistics to perform their analysis of design firms from around the world.