Servicing a Global Retail Network

Advanced Mobile Marketing

GoPro needed a way to track and manage their global network of Point of Purchase (PoP) displays to uphold brand guidelines, and combat their products being sold on the grey market. Forix built a multilingual mobile app that allowed them to not only manage their PoPs , but also demonstrate the power and reach of their global retail network.

The Challenge

GoPro’s immediate success and rapid growth led to the creation of a massive network of PoP displays in retail outlets around the world. Like many manufacturers, they needed a way to track and manage these PoPs to ensure that their brand presentation was of the highest quality, and to combat their products being sold on the grey market.


Forix created a multilingual mobile app, localized in 10 languages, that allowed them to manage active retail locations around the world. The app also empowers their global sales teams to track the number of PoP displays, as well as scan products to ensure that they are being sold in their proper market channels.


  • 25K

    Over 25,000 stores and counting have been scanned and are now monitored regularly.
  • go-pro-icon
    Mobilized a network of non-GoPro employees that actively identify and monitor their retail network.
  • 25+

    Deployed in over 25 countries, and counting!


The great thing about Forix is that we can come to them with a challenge, or even a loosely defined goal, and they’ll figure out how to bring the right technology solution forward.
– Erik Reid, Marketing Manager of GoPro.

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